Welcome to Lomi Lomi Chicago!

Welcome! Lomi Lomi Chicago is  a group of practitioners who are trained in the same form of Lomi Lomi – Lomi Lomi Nui/Sacred Lomi/Hawai’ian Temple Bodywork, taught to the world originally by Kumu Abraham Kawai’i.

Our goal is to provide you with this amazing ancient Hawai’ian Healing massage experience with Aloha.

This particular “style” of Lomi Lomi, also known as Kahuna Bodywork/Lomi Lomi Nui, totally nurtures your body, enabling you to experience profound relaxation, give in, and cultivate alignment with the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies. (Pono)
It is a combination of holistic bodywork, prayer, breathwork, listening touch and ancient Hawai’ian ritual. It moves you forward in life and balances you.

You should know that there is no specific work to certain muscle groups as in traditional massage. We do not specialize in deep tissue or in “fixing” a specific ailment, but the benefits are the same.

So…. Let go of your knowledge of traditional massage, and experience this amazing Hawai’ian Healing Bodywork for yourself…

Here is a great video that describes it beautifully, yet it’s still beyond words…Thank you Jody!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the websites of practitioners listed on the “About” page, and give us a call!

We wish you Peace, Blessings, and Aloha…

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